Osilingi Farm
Osilingi Farm

The dream of starting Osiligi Farm, which means farm of hope in a local language, began with a trip with the Manyota Boys. We went away for the weekend, and these boys made very good choices;

Riziki Child Sponsorship
Riziki Child Sponsorship

Education is one of the keys to helping families break the cycle of poverty. However, when you live on $2 per day, putting your children through school is a real challenge. Around 15% of children across Kenya are still not enrolled in primary school. School fees, uniforms, text books, stationery, tuition fees, excursion fees: this […]

Youth Prison
Youth Prison

In 2018 we started a partnership with a local Youth Prison. We work together with the chaplain and the officer in charge. They propose boys to us whom they believe would be a good fit to the farm or who have nowhere else to go.

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Over a 30-year period Afri-Lift has been at the forefront of not creating programs but people who are rehabilitated term and short-term volunteers. back into society. The organization is made up of national employees and international long

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