Education is one of the keys to helping families break the cycle of poverty. However, when you live on $2 per day, putting your children through school is a real challenge. Around 15% of children across Kenya are still not enrolled in primary school. School fees, uniforms, text books, stationery, tuition fees, excursion fees: this is the burden that a struggling family cannot carry alone.

Riziki (meaning provision in Swahili) is the child sponsorship ministry of Afri-Lift. It targets children from primary school age through to secondary school. There are thousands of families needing help and because there are only a few places available, Afri-Lift limits sponsorship to one child per family. However, we often have other siblings attending the monthly Riziki meeting, and they are always welcome. Riziki assists with the payment of school fees, uniforms and school books. A social worker ensures the children are enrolled and attending, deals with social issues and visits homes on a regular basis. He also goes with the children to buy new uniforms and if needed, attends parent’s days at their school.

On the third Sunday of each month, all of the children in Riziki meet together with a team of youth leaders for a two program. The majority of the leaders are those who have graduated from the Riziki program. The meeting includes music, food, teaching and games. It is also a chance for the leaders to spend time with the children in a small group setting.

When funds are available, those who graduate from secondary school are offered a position at a vocational training facility or college. These opportunities give them further possibility of employment.


By partnering with Riziki, you have the unique opportunity to invest into the life and future of a child. You can sponsor a child and become part of the Riziki family! You will get an update of your child three times a year. When you decide to sponsor a child you will get more information about him or her.

Primary: $25  How many do we have?

Secondary: $35 How many do we have?

Other education: this depends on the kind of education.