Poverty is a curse that causes a person’s life to be short-lived. It robs you of dreaming or planning for the future. When you don’t even know when you’ll be eating next, how can you think of becoming a pilot, teacher, nurse, policeman, farmer or president? This is the ever-growing population that Afri-Lift has reached out to.

The story starts in 1983 when Robin and Margaret Aim moved to Nairobi to endeavour to lift the disadvantaged. Inspired by Kenyans who are willing to partner with them, Afri-lift has become a growing organization.

Over this period of time several projects have been started and handed over to local leaders who have been effectively trained. Projects include schools, leadership programs, churches, vocational training centres, child sponsorship programs, training facilities, street programs, youth prison outreaches, emergency feeding programs and teacher training.

Equipping and empowering people is the most effective way to break the poverty cycle. Thus, Afri-Lift sees itself as a development organization. Our focus is on giving people the necessary skills to help them help themselves.

In the meanwhile, projects have been started and operated from the main office in Nairobi. This is the base where new ideas are born, guided by God, to partner with the Kenyan people and help them reach a better future.


The growth of Afrilift

Afri-Lift is about giving a hand up not a hand out.

We believe every person is born to fulfil their God given calling on this planet. We give people an opportunity to have that poverty cycle broken.