Jolanda has been with Afri-Lift since 2002 and became the CEO of Afri-Lift in 2017 when she took over from Robin. Apart from being CEO and overseeing the organization she is actively involved in the Osiligi Farm, the Kibera Project and the Youth Prison. She is married to a Kenyan and they have three children together and have taken the role of foster parents for others.
Sharon is the administrative assistant of Afri-Lift since 2014. She grew up as a Riziki kid so she has been with the Afri-Lift family for many years. Now she plays an active role in the organization.
Manyota Boys
Morris has been in the team since 1999. Over the years he has guided many boys from being street boys or boys from the slum to become boys who are ready to go to the farm. He is very compassioned about the lives of these boys.
Manyota Boys/ Youth Prison sports coordinator
Since 2004 Nicko has been involved in the Kibera project together with Morris and Jolanda. Being brought up in Kibera as a Riziki kid, he knows all the ins and outs of slum life. Besides to being a role model to the boys he is also a great sports instructor, which is of great use in youth prison as well.
Rikizi/ Youth Prison / Touch a family
Matthew has been a social worker with Afri-Lift since 2009 and takes care of the Riziki children. He used to be a Riziki kid himself. He assists in Youth Prison to interview boys who are suitable for the farm and helps with the Touch a Family project.
Osiligi Farm
Robin handed over the big task of being CEO to Jolanda in 2017 but is still actively involved. He visits the farm often and oversees the agriculture and building side. Robin has done many things in Africa and has great experience as a missionary and leader that helps him to mentor the younger staff members. He continues to be of great value to Afri-Lift as an organization and to all its people involved.
Co Founder
Margaret is still going strong. She is actively involved in children’s workers training in which her main aim is to raise Kenyan children workers who can train others. Besides that, she visits the Riziki meetings and catches up with the Riziki leaders.
Driver/Fixer and many other things!
Boaz has been with the team since 2014. He takes care of all the practical issues around the main office and supports the farm practically. He also assists Matthew in the Touch a Family project.
Kyalo works on the Osiligi Farm since 2010 and deals with the social and spiritual development of the boys. This includes individual counselling sessions and group therapy. He is part of the leadership team, together with Washika, Mwihaki and Charles
Teaching Coordinator
Washika is in charge of the teaching programme for the boys since 2018. He also assists with the boys on a social and spiritual level. He works closely together with Kyalo, Mwihaki and Charles.
Administrative assistant
Mwihaki has been the administrative assistant of the farm since 2017. Besides many other administrative tasks, she keeps track of the boys’ points and reward system. In dealing with all kinds of issues on the farm she is in a team together with Kyalo, Washika and Charles
Jane has been the cook of Osiligi Farm for many years now. She joined in 2008 and has been a madhe (grandmother) to the boys ever since.
After doing his internship with us Kelvin came back to be employed after finishing his studies in 2018. He teaches the boys, assists in the greenhouse and handles the sales of the farm.
As a former Osiligi farmboy, Alex knows everything about the farm. He joined Osiligi Farm as staffmember in 2017. He works in agriculture
Mburu is the builder and works for Afri-Lift since 2010. Almost all the structures you will see in the organization have been built by him.