Manyota Boys is a street-based program around the slums in Nairobi. Manyota, means ‘stars’ in the local street language. We believe, here they can make a start to turn their scars into stars.
On a field, at the edge of the slum, we meet boys aged between 15 – 18 years three times per week. The morning program includes a devotion, football (a must in Kenya!), a life skills lesson and lunch together. These young men do not hold regular jobs and are not currently enrolled in school. For some, this is the only meal they have during the day. Many are involved in gang activity, use drugs and have little connection with their own families.

The main aim of the program is to function as an identification centre where the boys learn basic skills and earn points to go to the Osiligi farm. We do this using a point system which is a way for the boys to be responsible for earning a place at our farm of hope through their own effort. This process takes around three to four months on average and functions as a (self) selection process where only the boys who have shown commitment earn a place.

You can help us provide for these boys by donating food, clothes and playing sports.