The dream of starting Osiligi Farm, which means farm of hope in a local language, began with a trip with the Manyota Boys. We went away for the weekend, and these boys made very good choices; but on the way back, when we asked them where to drop them, some of them said: ‘Anywhere as we got no place. We knew many of the good choices they made will be short-lived as it will be hard to change your life when you live on the street and you need food to survive! We started to pray for a residential place, preferably a farm, so we could stay with these boys to give them a chance to really change and get a future.

The next time Robin (the founder of Afrilift) went to New Zealand, he got a phone call from a Christian businessman (Robert) who he had never met before. When they met, Robert said that he has money to give for a residential project for the disadvantaged and if we could use that…. Of course, that was a yes and amen!

We have chosen for a project to train the boys in agriculture because of several reasons:

  • Agriculture is one of the main industries in Kenya. The population is growing and need to eat. There are always jobs available in farming.
  • It keeps the boys out of town (far from old friends and gangs) as when they are finished, they will be employed on farms in the countryside
  • It is healthy to be out of town, learning about farming and being involved in planting, harvesting and animal rearing

Osiligi Farm is based just outside of Kiserian, an hour drive from Nairobi. The boys live here for a minimum of two years to complete a training and rehabilitation program that has three key areas:

  1. Education
  2. Discipleship
  3. Agriculture

Boys get in the farm through the Kibera project or through the Youth Prison project. The whole program is based on their own motivation to become good farmers. We use a point system to grade the boys, points are earned during different activities throughout the day. On the farm, there is space for 30 boys and the range is normally between 20 and 25 at a time.

The program exists of agricultural lessons (both theory and practical, other education including national exam primary school and boys with learning challenges,  landscaping, horticulture, business farming, mechanics, social skills, discipleship, basic computer skills and music.  Osiligi has a strong sports program both in the early evening at the weekends. There is a place for football, basketball, gym and boxing. Evenings programs include computer class, games night, library, worship and movie nights. On Sundays, the boys attend a local church. When they are emotionally and spiritually mature enough, they are given a task in church.

At the end of the 2-year program, students are given either a work placement or full-time employment at a local farm. These positions are selected to specifically suit both the student and future employer: We match the wishes of the farmer with the talents and interests of the boys.

The goal is to transform the boys from street boys, slum boys or prison boys into good farmers and citizens who are emotionally and spiritually mature enough to stand in the outside world.

Over the last years, our success rate has been 76­ % on average and many of them hold jobs in farms all over the country while a few others have chosen to be missionaries to tough areas within Kenya.

We like the boys to be actively involved in Kenyan society. Next to being active in a local church, the boys go on missions and outreaches to help the local people.

There are different ways to help the Osiligi farm:Monthly: Sponsor a farm-boy for two years: $50. You will get more information about the boy

  • Once: Donate food for a week: $150Once:
  • Donate for the running costs of the farm: $100